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Purpose of the N/X

Interpreting Visualization in Massive Datasets

N/X workshops

The Workshops of the Network of Experts are not NATO sponsored workshops, and operate under quite different procedures. Whereas a NATO Workshop is a formal entity, approved by the Research and Technology Board through one of its Panels (the Information and Systems Technology Panel in the case of IST-059/RTG-025), a Network of Experts Workshop is a voluntary association of interested persons, coordinated by the "Network of Experts Coordinator and attended by any N/X member who cares to come.

A N/X Workshop typically emphasises discussion of issues rather than presentation of results, and even though many members of the N/X are from commercial organizations, attempts are made to make all presentations rather more relevant to visualisation issues than simple "show and tell" to advertise the successes of some particular system or approach. NATO Workshops, on the other hand, have a formal agenda of presentations, are advertised generally to NATO and PfP nations, and are open to interested parties on payment of the registration fee.

Informal Proceedings of earlier N/X Workshops are available on the Web (including several PowerPoint presentations for download). Hard copy might perhaps be available by contacting the N/X Coordinator (for e-mail see below). .

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