Mark Swabey

Described work carried out under contract to Maritime Systems dept at DERA Farnborough to provide a geospatial visualisation of a sonobouy field. The visualisation provided multiple views of the activity within the field. The first allowed for the visualisation of a temporal window; while the second allowed the comparison of temporal sequences. Both visualisations were operator driven and the operator could move between the two at will.


This work showed that data deluge is not the only danger. Too little data is also a bad thing as the operator needs to be kept alert. The system employed an aural alerting system for events which occured outside the current field of view. This has proved to be very effective.


A demo of the system was provided. The visualisation is based upon Superscape and runs on a PC in real time. It is controlled via a joystick and operators are allowed to interact with the axes. Aural alerting is provided via headphones.




Ronan Sleep

Suggested that humans excel in borderline cases and that tool support is needed to determine which cases need to be looked at by an operator. Routine cases can then be classified by machine.