Strawman discussion - part 1

Kathleen Hennesey

Expressed concern at the absence of the temporal dimension. In her view this has special characteristics and visualising sequences over time in a meaningful fashion must take account of relationships such as:

before; after; during and while.


Martin Taylor

Disagreed with KH. In his view the streamed data type encompasses the temporal dimension.


David McIlroy

Time naturally modelled via animation.


John Mariani

Raised the issue of synchronous and asynchronous events with respect to the visualisation of temporal issues.


Kathleen Hennesey

Mentioned time snapshots and evolution with particular reference to the temporal attributes associated with images. Here the movement of objects over time, extracted from a sequence of reconnaisance images, is the key to understanding a given situation.


Martin Taylor

Prefered emphasis to be placed on evolution and dynamics, rather than focusing upon time.


Zack Jacobson

Introduced the issue of alternative presentations of time eg spatializing it and the use of sound.


Discusion moved on to look at human factors dimension.


Micha Pazner

Introduced the idea of a dynamic dialogue between the internal world of the mind and the external world (which includes the hci). He also suggested that the interpretation of external visualisation was actually envisioning rather than visualisation.


Martin Taylor

Agreed with the introduction of envisioning. He emphasised that it is not presentation push, but rather one melds an external visualisation with ones internal knowledge inorder to reach an internal interpretation of the presented material.