N/X 1998 Participants




Ginette Boudreau DCIEM, Canada

Helen Braiter Consulting and Audit Canada

Oleg Feldgajer International Neural Machines Inc., Canada

W. Morven Gentleman National Research Council, Canada

Els Goyette Consulting and Audit Canada

Sue Haines DERA, UK

Zachary Jacobson Consulting and Audit Canaa

Annette Kaster FFM-FGAN, Germany

Tony King Navy Research Lab, USA

Milan Kuchta Systolics Ltd., Canada

Ian Mack DCIEM, Canada

Sharon M. McFadden DCIEM, Canada

David McIlroy Master Foods, Belgium

Micha Pazner University of Western Ontario, Canada

Ronald M. Pickett University of Massachusetts, USA

Lisbeth M. Rasmussen Danish Defence Research Establishment, Denmark

Martin Taylor Canada

Vincent Taylor Department of National Defence, Canada

Margaret Varga DERA, UK

Colin Ware University of New Brunswick, Canada

William Wright Visible Decisions Inc., Canada

Yan Yufik Institute of Medical Cybernetics, Inc., USA