Zack Jacobson

Consulting and Audit Canada

Visual Interface for Text Analysis

Justin Hollands Why are you using colour to represent quantity?

Zack Jacobson The colour is just there. The exact number does not matter, but the relative amount does.

Adrian Rossi Why not use size to represent quantity? How can you say that one colour is bigger than another?

Zack Jacobson We are using a colour spectrum. Blue and yellow are the ends of a real live continuum.

Jim Wise There is research into the perceptual heaviness of colour and you can use colour mapping.

Justin Hollands I think that the use of size is better, because most people would say that a bigger object is larger than a smaller one.

Zack Jacobson Size may be more intuitive, but there is the issue of screen real estate.

Milan Kuctha Size and colour are not independent.

Adrian Rossi I think that size and colour are independent.

Vincent Taylor I think that the issue is that they are trying to change the way that we view this type of information, and that this is just "Act One".

Milan Kuchta It is important to have guidelines, but you must be able to relax the constraints.

Vincent Taylor Now, do all of the concepts have equal weight?

Zack Jacobson Yes.

Vincent Taylor Is this the first go at it?

Zack Jacobson Yes.