Sixth Network of Experts [N/X] workshop

March 10-11, 2003, Penn State University


March 10

0900 Introduction/Registration—Z. Jacobson

0915 Welcome (PowerPoint)—James Thomas

Dean, School of Information Sciences and Technologies [IST],
Penn State University

0930 IST-021/RTG-007 perspective—Vincent Taylor

0945 N/X Business meeting

10:15 Coffee

10:30 Plenary Provocation 1—Jim Llinas

Visualizing the ontologies of threat and related information (PowerPoint)

11:30 Syndicate procedures; Syndicates form

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Penn State University Site Visits

1430 Plenary Provocation 2—David Hall

The Challenge of Problem decomposition for InfoVis (PowerPoint)

1515 Coffee

1530 Plenary Provocation 3—David Zeltzer & Ted [Kesh] Kesavadas

InfoVis for warning/protection—affilliation analyses et ceterae (PowerPoint)

1630 Syndicates meet

1800 Break for the day

1900 Dinner

March 11

9..00 Plenary Provocation—Bill Cunningham

Decision Spaces and Problem Spaces (PowerPoint)


9.40—Micha Pazner

Geographic Spaces (Zip Compressed files)

10.00 —Peter Clark and Bill Wright

Advances in Intrusion Incident Visualization for Reporting and Analysis

10.20— Vincent Taylor

Visualization for network protection

1040 —Coffee

11.00—Georges Grinstein

Ultra-high dimensional visualization in highly interactive systems for applications to real time large data set monitoring and exploration.

11.30—Michael Athanson

Multi-modal, localised transformation of information visualisation content (MS Word)

12.00—Z. Jacobson

VITA landscape for affiliation analysis: applications in counter-bioterror (PowerPoint)

1220 Discussion

1300 Lunch

1345 Syndicates reconvene,

1545 Syndicates report in plenary, over coffee

[Syndicate Reports: 1 (Word, Powerpoint), 2+5 (HTML, PowerPoint), 4 (Word, PowerPoint)].

16.30 Summary and Plenary Discussion

1730 Business meeting resumes

Recommendations, resolutions arising from the discussions.

1800 N/X closes


Extra Presentation—Norm Saunders

Intelligence Support for Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA): Information Sharing Enabled by IT (PowerPoint)