Visualisation Network-of-Experts

Supporting NATO Research Task Group IST-059 on Network Visualisation


Cologne Cathedral



Social Network Analysis and Visualisation for Public Safety

18th – 19th October 2005

FGAN-Research Institute for Communication, Information Processing & Ergonomics (FKIE)

Neuenahrer Straße 20, D-53343 Wachtberg-Werthhoven, Germany

Edited by Marggaret Varga


The NATO Research Task Group "Visualisation Technologies for Network Analysis" has invited the Visualisation Network of Experts (Vis N/X) to advise it on how social network analysis and visualisation can support public safety. Vis N/X has accepted this invitation.



18th October 2005


0915    Dr. Jurgen Grosche, FGAN                 Welcome to FGAN

0930    Annette Kaster, FGAN                        Information on local arrangements

0945    Round robin                                         Introductions

1000    Vincent Taylor                          RTG025 and the N/X

1015    Zack Jacobson                                     Workshop Introduction – Social Network Analysis for Public Safety

1045                                                    Coffee break

1100    Provocations and discussions:

Mark Nixon, Martin Taylor                   Network Visualization: Reference Model

Margaret Varga

Marcus Lem                                         Developing Frameworks for Data Representation

Jan-Terje Bjorke                                  Properties of Networks to be Considered in their Visualisation

1200                                                    Lunch

1300    Zack Jacobson                                     Introduction to breakout groups, topic selection

1330    Tour of Radar Site       

1430    Provocations and discussions:

Joanne Treurniet                                   The Cyber Social Network Analogy

Amy Vanderbilt                                    Custom Ontologies for Expanded Social Network Analysis

Sonya McMullen                                  Crossing the Longest Yard:
Eight Strategies for Creating Knowledge from a Glut of Data

1520                                                  Coffee break

1530    Breakout groups                                   First working session

1715    End, Day 1                                           Return to Hotels


19th October 2005 Wednesday


0930    Zack Jacobson                                     Good Morning

0945                                        Provocations & discussions:

Ben Houston                                        Epidemiological simulation with social network visualization

Annette Kaster                                     Network Visualisation of object relations extracted from J2 Messages

Margaret Varga                                    Infectious Disease Management

1045    Breakout                                              Second working session and prepare your presentations

1215                                               Lunch

1315    Plenary Session                                    Breakout presentations

Mark Nixon, Martin Taylor                   Network Visualization: Reference Model

Margaret Varga, Jan-Terje Bjorke

Amy Vanderbilt

Lisbeth Rasmussen &               Representing Uncertainty, Unknowns and Dynamics of Social Networks

Sonya McMullen

            Ben Houston, Marcus Lem                   Unmasking a Terrorist

            Vincent Taylor, Annette Kaster

            Joanne Treurniet

1415    Discussion       

1500                                               Coffee Break

1530    David Zeltzer & Marcus Lem                Appreciation and closing discussion

1630    Lisbeth Rasmussen                               Introducing 2006 Workshop, Invitation to Copenhagen

1645    Zack Jacobson & Margaret Varga        Wrap-up. Thanks

1700    Annette Kaster, FGAN                        Adjournment, Farewell.