Visualisation Network-of-Experts

Supporting NATO Research Task Group IST-059/RTG-025 –

Visualisation Technology for Network Analysis





Network Analysis and Visualisation

for Simulation and Prediction


6th - 8th November 2007

The Aerospace Corporation,

2350 E. El Segundo Blvd., El Segundo, CA - 90245-4691, USA.


Editor: Dr. Margaret Varga (QinetiQ)


The NATO Research Task Group "Visualisation Technologies for Network Analysis" invited the Visualisation Network of Experts (Vis N/X) to advise it on how graph/network analysis and visualisation can support simulations of and predictions about dynamic systems critical to defense, intelligence and public safety.


Workshop Committee:

Dr. Mark Nixon (Aerospace Corp.)

Dr. Zack Jacobson (Health Canada)

Dr. Amy Vanderbilt  (Vanderbilt Consulting)

Dr. Margaret Varga (QinetiQ)


Introduction (Downloadable versions PDF, MS Word)





Tuesday, 6th November 2007


0845                                                                                       Security check-in


0915                                                                                       Welcome to Aerospace


0920       Mark Nixon, Aerospace                                     Information on local arrangements


0930       Round robin                                                         Introductions


0945       Vincent Taylor                                                      RTG025 and the N/X


1000       Zack Jacobson & Margaret Varga                   Workshop Introduction


1015       Coffee break        


1030       Provocations and Discussions


·         Predictability of Dynamic Network Behavior – Unanswered Questions and Possible Directions, Amy K. C. S. Vanderbilt (Vanderbilt Consulting) Abstract, Presentation

·         VITA—Visual Interface for Text Analysis, Zack Jacobson (Health Canada)  Presentation

·         Knowledge Discovery in a two-mode network: a visualization approach to measure interdependence between actors and social venues, Dragos Calitoiu (Health Canada) Abstract, Presentation


1145       Lunch                    Aerospace cafeteria


1245       Provocations and discussions


·         Social Network Analysis & Link Discovery of Florida Department of Corrections Data, Donna Nystrom (The Aerospace Corporation) Abstract, Presentation

·         Hyper-network with Uncertainties, Margaret Varga (QinetiQ) and Jan-Terje Bjørke (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment) Abstract, Presentation

·         Algorithm to construct Fuzzy Hyper-networks,  Jan-Terje Bjørke (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment) and Margaret Varga (QinetiQ) Abstract, Presentation

·         The IST-059 Framework for Network Visualisation, Martin Taylor (Martin Taylor Consulting), Presentation


1345       Zack Jacobson           Introduction to breakout groups


Topic suggestions

·         Painting Pictures of My Enemy:  How can I model networks without empirical data?

·         Visualising Network Uncertainties – e.g., structure, traffic, nodal processing

·         A Framework for Network Visualisation

·         Different Visualisations for Different Network Types?

·         Visualization at the edges of chaos:  How to treat approximate network prediction? … uncertainty at critical junctions?

·         Different variables for different simulations: Can you choose variables to visualise? How?

·         Different domains:  same visualisation for viruses and e-viruses?

·         Testbed datasets – How do we create them?

·         Wild card: choose your own question?


1415       Breakout groups - First working session

[Coffee available during breakout, ~1530]

1715       End, Day 1                                                                           


Wednesday, 7th November 2007


0830                                                                                       Security check-in


0900       Amy K. C. S. Vanderbilt                                       Good Morning


0905       Coffee


0930       Provocations & discussions


·         Knowledge representation, Rob Young (DSTL) and Margaret Varga (QinetiQ), Abstract, Presentation

·         Visualisation in Intelligence, Margaret Varga (QinetiQ) and Rob Young (DSTL), Abstract, Presentation

·         Best Use of Quantitative Social Network Analysis, Measurement and Visualization, Andy Swarbrick (Detica) Abstract, Presentation


1045       Breakout - Second working session


1145       Lunch


1245       Provocations and Discussions


·         How might we best test network models of disease spread? Michael C. Otterstatter (Health Canada), Abstract, Presentation

·         Use of Visualization Techniques to support Cyber Situational Awareness,  Dave Hall, Presentation

·         Simulating Communication and Knowledge Networks as Transactive Memory Systems,  Ed Palazzolo, Presentation

·         Integration of Advanced Forensics and Medical Information with Network Visualization Techniques for Rapid Disaster Response, Sonya A. H. McMullen, Margaret Varga, & Cristin M. Hall, Abstract, Presentation


1400       Breakout groups - Third working session, presentation preparations


                [Coffee available during breakout, ~1530]


1715       End, Day 2                                          


1900       No-host dinner [sign-up sheets available]



Thursday, 8th November 2007


Security check-in


0900       Zack Jacobson                                                    Good morning


                                                                                          Breakout  presentations


09:05   Framework Development , Martin Taylor Mark Nixon, David Hall and Vincent Taylor, Presentation

09:30    Developing Network Testbed Data Sets, Amy Vanderbilt, Marcus Lem, Cristin Hall, Joanne Treurniet and Rob Young, Presentation

10:00     Visualisation of Uncertainties, Alain Bouchard, Andy Swarbrick,  Ed Palazzolo, Zack Jacobsen,  Donna Nystrom and Margaret Varga, Presentation


1030       Workshop conclusions and recommendations


1100       Adjournment


1130       Depart for JPL (optional):


1300       JPL Tour


1500       Tour ends